Special care


No. 3 Hair Perfector 100ml/3.3oz

US$ 45.50
A concentrated treatment for all hair types
Sale -20%

SP Luxe Oil Reconstructive Elixir (For Keratin Protection)

US$ 17.55
US$ 22.10
A leave-in hair treatment for conditioning, styling & finishing
Sale -24%

SP Repair Conditioner 200ml

US$ 24.70
US$ 32.50
An intense reparative conditioner for damaged hair
Paul Mitchell

Platinum Blonde Toning Spray (Cools Brassiness - Eliminates Warmth) 150ml/5.1oz

US$ 41.60
An enhancing shampoo for blonde, white & silver-colored hair
Sale -17%

Curl Manifesto Treatment Beurre Haute Nutrition Hair Mask 200ml/6.8oz

US$ 72.80
US$ 88.40
An extra-rich nourishing mask treatment for very curly & coily hair
Sale -0%

Chronologiste Huile De Parfum Fragrance-In-Oil (Length and Ends) 100ml/3.4oz

US$ 92.30
US$ 92.95
An intensely-fragranced hair oil for lengths & ends
Sale -1%

Un.Tangled (Leave-In Conditioner)

US$ 48.10
US$ 48.75
A detangling leave-in conditioner

Aromachologie Intensive Repair Conditioner - Damaged Hair (Eco-Refill)...

US$ 59.15
An aromatic repairing creamy conditioner for dry, brittle & damaged hair
Sale -30%

Professionnel Serie Expert - Vitamino Color Resveratrol Color Radiance System...

US$ 37.70
US$ 54.60
A radiance-boosting mask for normal-thick colored hair
Sale -39%

No Yellow Mask

US$ 18.85
US$ 31.20
A deep conditioning toning mask

Genesis 10 Anti Hair-Fall Fortifying Treatment Ampoules (Weakened Hair, Prone...

US$ 112.45
An anti-hair-fall fortifying treatment for weakened hair, prone to falling

Cool Deo Scalp Shampoo (For Men) 400ml

US$ 29.25
A soothing & refreshing shampoo for men with greasy scalp

Minu Illuminating Replenishing Mask (For Coloured Hair)

US$ 169.65
An illuminating & nourishing mask for colored hair
Molton Brown

Intense Repairing Hair Mask With Fennel 250g/8.4oz

US$ 56.55
An intensive mask treatment for damaged hair
Sale -11%

No. 6 Bond Smoother

US$ 34.45
US$ 39.00
A leave-in reparative smoothing cream for all hair types
Sale -25%
Leonor Greyl

Creme Aux Fleurs Cleansing Treatment Cream Shampoo (For Very Dry Hair &...

US$ 43.55
US$ 58.50
A unique all-in-one treatment & shampoo
Sale -9%
Leonor Greyl

L'Huile Secret De Beaute Natural Botanical Oils For Hair & Body...

US$ 85.80
US$ 94.90
A multi-tasking botanical oil for hair & body
Sale -4%
Pelo Baum

Hair Revitalizing Solution 60ml/2oz

US$ 100.75
US$ 105.30
A revitalizing & hydrating solution for thinning hair
Sale -28%

Pantogar - Hair Growth Activation Tonic for Women 100ml

US$ 35.75
US$ 50.05
Pantogar Hair Tonic Women
Sale -25%

Silk Infusion Silk Reconstructing Complex

US$ 17.55
US$ 23.40
A rich re-constructing leave-in treatment
Sale -50%

6 Salon Lactobacillus Hair Perfume Oil (Moisture) 66ml

US$ 14.30
US$ 28.60
A moisturizing & highly concentrated oil for brittle & flaky hair
Grown Alchemist

Strengthening - Conditioner 0.2

US$ 40.30
An advanced strengthening conditioner
Sale -35%

Resistance Ciment Anti-Usure Strengthening Anti-Breakage Cream - Rinse Out...

US$ 52.65
US$ 81.90
Helps selectively re-construct & strengthen hair internally according to the amount of wear & tear
Sale -7%

Smooth.Again Anti-Frizz Treatment (Style Control / Smoothing Lotion)

US$ 57.85
US$ 62.40
A leave-in treatment for thick & unruly hair
Sale -3%

Botanical Repair Strengthening Shampoo

US$ 47.45
US$ 49.40
A repairing & strengthening shampoo. Features a vegan, 90% naturally derived formula. Gently removes excess sebum, product build-up & pollution....
Sale -58%
Derma E

Recover & Repair Deep Conditioning Treatment Mask 142g/5oz

US$ 6.50
US$ 15.60
A deep repairing & conditioning treatment for weak & damaged hair
Sale -47%
+ Plus

Snail Liquid Shine Serum 50ml

US$ 26.00
US$ 49.40
A multi vitamin serum designed to tame and smooth dry. It eliminates frizziness and gives hair a luminous shine. It also contains sunscreen to...

Wash Day Wonder (Pre-Cleanse Slip Detangler - For All Curl Types)

US$ 43.55
A silky, lightweight pre-cleanse detangler
Sale -31%

Expert Color and Scalp Conditioner 150ml/5oz

US$ 21.45
US$ 31.20
An organic, natural & gentle conditioner
Sale -10%

Cash In Instant Repair Serum

US$ 39.65
US$ 44.20
Cash In Instant Repair Serum
Sale -13%

3D Intensive Deep Protect Density Mask (Anti-Breakage Strengthening Treatment)

US$ 58.50
US$ 67.60
A deep conditioning mask for damaged or colored, thinning hair
Sale -11%

Nutriplenish Multi-Use Hair Oil (All Hair Types) 30ml/1oz

US$ 59.80
US$ 67.60
A multi-purpose, nutrient-rich hair oil
IT'S A 10

Silk Express Miracle Silk Conditioner

US$ 97.50
A nutritive & strengthening conditioner

Be Curly Style Prep 100ml/3.4oz

US$ 45.50
Helps define & detangle curls to minimize breakage from combing

Lotus Leaf Shampoo - For Oily Scalp

US$ 25.35
A gentle, refreshing & cooling shampoo for oily scalp
Sale -5%

Fusio-Scrub Scrub Energisant Intensely Purifying Scrub Cleanser with Sea Salt...

US$ 73.45
US$ 78.00
An energizing & detoxifying scrub that replaces a traditional shampoo

Naturaltech Nourishing Vegetarian Miracle Mask (For Brittle Hair)

US$ 194.35
An extra moisturizing & nourishing mask with natural active ingredients

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